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‘ITUKAMA’ COVID – 19 Fund balance surpasses Rs. 1423 million

ஜூலை 4, 2020

Following corporate, individual donations and direct deposits, ‘ITUKAMA’ COVID-19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund balance has now surpassed Rs. 1423 million.

Today’s donations included Rs. 361,438.32 by the Prime Minister’s Office, Rs. 1,200,000.00 by Housing Development and Finance Corporation Bank of Sri Lanka (HDFC), Rs. 100,787.40 by Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society, Rs. 1,000.000.00 by NSB Fund Management Co. Ltd, Rs. 1,000,000.00 by Sri Lanka Savings Bank, Rs. 5,000.00 by Ms. D. M. M. Dissanayake, Rs. 5,000.00 by Mr. Sanath Sandasiri, Rs. 4,030.00 by Miss. Marzook Morita Sara.  Cheques relating to these donations were handed over to the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa by Prime Minister, Mahinda Rajapaksa.

In addition, Cooperative Provincial Rural Bank Society in Matale donated Rs. 500,000.00 and Govijana Development Department Rs. 4,420,158.36 to the Funds. Minister Chamal Rajapaksa handed over the cheques to the President.

The cheque worth Rs. 300,000.00 contributed by National Institute of Language Education and Training was handed over by Mr. Janaka Bandara Tennakoon.

Mr. Lelwala Bandusena Guruge donated Rs. 50,000.00.

Ms. J.A.D. Anasta donated a sum of Rs. 25,000.00, Mayoress of Colombo Rosy Senanayake Rs. 30,000.00, Mahapola Higher Education Scholarships Trust Fund Rs. 102,500.00, Science and Technology Human Resources Development Project at the Ministry of Higher Education, Technology and Innovation Rs. 108,891.13, Dr. Rev. Harispaththuwe Ariyanshalankara Thero Fund Rs. 50,000.00, Tamil Artists Association Rs. 20,000.00, Friends Lanka Child Foundation Rs. 600,000.00, Mr. L.J.G. Peter Rs. 5,000.00, Mr. L. Sachidanandan Rs. 2,000.00 and Mr. K.S.K. Wijeratne Rs. 35,000.00.

The Fund’s balance has now reached Rs. 1,423,421,045.71.

දෙස් විදෙස් පරිත්‍යාගශීලීහූ ගිණුමට දායක වී සිටිති. චෙක් පත් හෝ ටෙලි ග්‍රාෆ් සම්ප්‍රේෂණ මගින් මෙන්ම www. වෙබ් අඩවිය ඔස්සේ හෝ #207# අමතා අරමුදලට දායකවිය හැකිය.

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